Mediation - Step by Step

Mediation is a voluntary process in which you and the other party decide the outcome that both of you are happy with and can move forward with the agreement made.

Family Mediation can be either joint mediation or shuttle mediation depending on how each of the parties may feel. It is an important part of the Mediation process to know your thoughts and what you would like to happen.

Firstly in Mediation, there is a first consultation over the phone to get an understanding if Mediation may be right for you and the circumstances to make your mediation appropriate for you.

A Mediation Assessment Meeting will take place to explain to both parties how the Mediation process will work and if this is right for you. It is also to establish if both parties are willing to mediate.

It may take between 2 - 3 sessions before coming to a final agreement, this is to ensure that both parties are happy to move forward with an agreement, following appropriate legal advice.

For any more questions you may have about the mediation process, please call us on 07950800771. 

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