Personal Injury & Clinical Negligence 

Medical staff and patients with a grievance often feel frustrated at the legal process. We offer the chance for early independent mediation as once matters are placed with lawyers families become consumed by the legal process, emotions run high and this can impact on how the case runs thereafter.

Whilst covering Mediation in the traditional way as part of proceedings and working with legal representatives – early Mediation involves introducing the chance for solutions before legal action is commenced.

The benefits of this being , assisting the families to come to terms with what has happened to them and obtain ‘closure’ without the daunting thought of legal action taking months / years and costing time, effort and money.Also saving public money.

We also have working alongside our company qualified counsellors and other professionals who can assist with the parties "well being" throughout the mediation process.

Families involved in clinical Negligence and Personal Injury actions are usually seeking one or several of the following:

  • ​Recognition there has been a breach of duty

  • Information

  • Compensation

  • Apology

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