What is Family Mediation?

Family Mediation is a more, positive and less stressful way to find a solution to your problem. Mediation is a voluntary process, it is an opportunity for separating couples to decide what they want to happen. At 1st For Mediation ,it is important for us to know the final outcome is an outcome both parties are happy with. This is an alternative to going to court or using lawyers. Family Mediation encourages one an another to co-operate and find a way in which they are both happy with and can ,move forward in their lives. Family Mediation is a less expensive, more positive and confidential way to solve your problem and ensure a better result for families.

Family mediation can be used when ending civil partnerships or divorce, were there may be dispute over some aspects of sharing joint assets or child care.

We can try and help you reach the best solution for your family by helping you in separate and joint meetings depending on what is appropriate to your personal circumstances and identifying the various options available to you. Then you decide together which is best for you.

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