Let our parenting plan sort your families differences 

Our parenting plan helps you move forward as a family to gain the best outcome for your children and something both parents are happy with.

Welcome to 1st For Mediation

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What is family Mediation?
Family mediation is a process in which you find a solution both parties are happy with. Our qualified and fully trained mediator will help you to make a final agreement. Your thoughts are a very important part to this process.
Why choose Mediation?
A mediator is an independent and neutral negotiator, who is able to talk to both sides and who works for the benefit of the whole family. As there is just one mediator, he or she will have a clear idea of the feelings, wishes, hopes and fears of both parties. 
Will Mediation benefit me?
Mediation provides you with a service that is less stressful, less expensive and focusing on a solution for both parties. It is important for you to know that you and everyone involved in this process matters.