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Family Mediation

Family mediation can be used when ending civil partnerships or divorce, were there may be dispute over some aspects of sharing joint assets or child care.

Family Mediation is a more, positive and less stressful way to find a solution to your problem. Mediation is a voluntary process, it is an opportunity for separating couples to decide what they want to happen. At 1st For Mediation ,it is important for us to know the final outcome is an outcome both parties are happy with. This is an alternative to going to court or using lawyers. Family Mediation encourages one an another to co-operate and find a way in which they are both happy with and can ,move forward in their lives. Family Mediation is a less expensive, more positive and confidential way to solve your problem and ensure a better result for families.

Step By Step

1. Initial FREE telephone conversation.

2. Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting.

3. Two to Three mediation sessions to reach the final agreement. Via joint or shuttle methods.

Children - Your children often would like a say in what happens and it is important to know there thoughts. Deciding how both parents will keep a positive relationship with their children is also key. You'll need to think about arrangements for the children.


Property - You'll need to decide were will best for you to live with the children. Can one of you stay in the same house or will you sell up and both move. Who will get what from the home and where will the pets live.


Finances - You will have a lot to discuss and decide there will be more overheads to cover because you are separating from a joint home. It will need to be discussed who pays which essential bills and costs for the children

Communication - How much will we need to discuss as parents. How will we have good Co -Parenting skills to help our children.

What will we discuss?

Child Mediation

Children need an emotional reassurance as well as having a physical comfort and to understand they can rely on both parents.

This is not a process to ask the children to choose between their parents. Depending on their ages, the child's involvement can be discussed within the process. We assure you that their views will be taken into account as far as possible. Our mediator is registered to work with children in mediation under the Family Mediation Council.

Financial & Property Mediation

A cost effective way of reaching a detailed financial settlement on which you can then seek legal advice with an agreement both partners are happy to move forward with the following.


What happens regarding the family home? The division of assets? How debts/liabilities will be dealt with? How all other finances will be split, such as pensions, savings and investments?

Therapeutic Sessions

Therapeutic sessions can emotionally prepare for the process if you opt for this addition. ​ Therapeutic sessions are done separately with individuals allowing you to be open and work through your emotional trauma.​​

This can have a positive effect on your sessions when engaging with your ex partner and the mediator to work towards your future.

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